Rich L. from Lords Valley Pa. asks:
I just ordered and received this machine. I ordered it based on the Specs and description in the current 2013 Miller catalog. All is good, however the Miller catalog claims all Diversion models come with a start-up video. I didn't receive that, and also the Diversion model is supposed to come with a Weldcraft LS17 torch with finger controls. I didn't receive that either. This was packaged with a std Weldcraft torch w/o finger controls. Not too bummed about the video, but one of the reasons for my selecting this model was the torch with built in finger controls...... So, my question is why was my Diversion 180 packaged and sent with different/missing items than Miller claims it comes with??

Regarding the following product:
Was: $2,902.00
Sale Price: $2,289.00
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